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Our Difference

Seaver Franks Architects is passionate about creating design solutions that truly fit our clients’ needs and design goals. Our architectural project management process emphasizes a collaborative approach so you can explore your creativity while our team lends our expertise to yield innovative, inspirational designs. We work with both commercial and residential clients, tailoring our approach to every project.

Achieve Stunning Designs THAT

Many clients have big visions for their projects, but they are unsure how to get to a final design that fully aligns with that vision while accounting for any constraints and features unique to the build site and project budget. We will help you refine your big ideas to create a real, functional design that embraces your artistic vision while considering natural features, regional architectural characteristics, and community impact. As we make our recommendations, however, we will not box you into a cookie cutter design. We’re committed to developing elevated, impactful designs that capture the unique style of clients. 

We leverage modern technology to create a collaborative design process

Modern technology has allowed us to streamline the design process to render designs in real time, so each step of the project can move forward with everyone on the same page. 

We Embrace the Southern Landscape &
Community In Our Designs

Some architecture firms emphasize their awards and features in industry publications. While we are proud to have been recognized with numerous awards and featured projects, we are not in the business to simply collect these accolades. Our priority is to design spaces that serve our clients and enhance our community. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of what is driving your project, so we can create a successful design that aligns with your intentions. We also love the unique natural and cultural flavor of New Orleans, which is why we emphasize modern regional design in our approach.

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