We Design Custom architectural Solutions with Regional Southern style

What We Do

Seaver Franks Architects brings a wealth of design experience to both commercial and residential projects. We understand the unique challenges and benefits of architectural planning and design architecture in the New Orleans. We have also served clients around the world, bringing a deep understanding of sustainable design to every project. With our enjoyable, collaborative design process, we take the time to identify your unique needs so we can fulfill their design vision and exceed expectations. 

Our Versatile design FIrm

Our versatile design firm offers architectural planning services for a wide range of commercial and residential clients. We strive to create functional, timeless designs with distinctive Southern style that enhance their surrounding communities. Our extensive project list includes hotels and resorts, industrial spaces, educational facilities, medical clinics, churches, municipal community spaces, and much more. 

Hotels & Resorts

From high rise hotels to sprawling resort properties, we have designed numerous properties in the hospitality space.

Medical Centers

Healthcare architecture requires a keen understanding of how medical facilities function to serve patients.

Educational Facilities

Seaver Franks Architects designs educational facilities by creating spaces that are conducive to learning, with considerations for functionality, safety, and the unique needs of students and educators. This includes incorporating flexible layouts, innovative technology integration, and sustainable design principles to support a dynamic and inclusive educational environment.

Retail & financial

Retail spaces must be inviting yet modern. They must also consider the flow of traffic and the layout of retail displays.

Religious Architecture

With a personalized design process, our team can help your organization reflect its spiritual identity through inspirational religious architecture.

Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces are often characterized by large open areas, heavy-duty infrastructure, and advanced systems for energy management and waste reduction, all aimed at optimizing productivity and workflow for industrial operations.


From theaters and concert halls to theme parks and gaming centers, entertainment architecture aims to captivate and delight visitors while prioritizing safety and accessibility.


Our commercial architecture design process for restaurants focuses on creating inviting dining spaces as well as functional, modern kitchens to ensure exceptional service.


Designing professional spaces involves creating efficient and ergonomic spaces that promote productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Office architecture focuses on optimizing space utilization, natural light, and indoor air quality to create a comfortable and inspiring work environment for employees.

Public Sector

We support our community through beautifully designed buildings for the public sector.

Architecture for public sector buildings prioritizes functionality, accessibility, and community engagement.

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