What to Expect With Architecture Building Design

What to Expect Working With an Architect for Your Architecture Building Design

Architecture building design is a complex process that involves aligning a client’s vision with the physical features of the intended project site while considering the existing architectural style and natural landscape of the surrounding community. Therefore, working with an architectural firm to bring your project to life will take some time. The design may go through many iterations before it is solidified and brought into the development phase. However, the result is well worth the wait, as the completed project will reflect your creative input and function to serve your unique needs. 

Whether you are designing a custom home, a retail space, or a medical office building, you can expect the following when you are in the process of architecture building design. 

A Personalized Approach 

Before rendering any drawings, your architect should have a firm understanding of what your project is and why you are pursuing it. Therefore, you can expect a lengthy consultation that outlines the what, where, and why of your project. Even among two clients who are designing custom homes, projects may vary significantly with different design visions, budgets, and project sites. Effective communication is key to developing a successful architecture building design. Your architect should take the time to learn about your lifestyle, goals, culture, and personality to capture an effective design that suits your needs. 

Collaborative Design Process

Building design blends both art and science, so there is plenty of room for ongoing creative input. Your architect may create a design based on your initial consultation, but this is by no means a static design. You’ll have the opportunity to offer your input and request changes or even include new ideas that unfold as the project progresses.

Visualization Through Technology

Advanced technology allows you to better visualize your project and get a 3D view of your building design, which can be updated in real time. In the past, there was much more guesswork when it came to visualizing designs. Today, you can sign off on a design with confidence having an immersive rendering available to view. 

Seaver Franks Architecture brings a passion for personalized, functional designs to every project we tackle. We emphasize collaboration, innovation, and communication to facilitate successful building designs that meet our clients’ visions.

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